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[802SEC] tentative agenda items for the 1-3pm et 07OCT EC telecon

Dear EC members,

Below are 18 items suggested for the Interim 802 EC Conference call. I apologize if I missed one--please amend as you see fit.

Note, we have a lot of ground to cover. I will ask Jon and John to bring up the bridge at 12:50pm to give everyone a chance to dial in early and get settled so we can dive into the substantive part of the agenda as quickly as possible.



from PaulN:
1. call to order/record attendance/modify&approve agenda

from JonR:
1. II - Status of Venue Contracts (Berlin - James; Macao - Jon)
2. II - Status of Future Venues in general
3. DI\II -Status of Atlanta Interim - Budget, Registration starting point, and meeting room requirements
4. II - Network Provider RFP Adhoc status
5. MI -Motion to approve Site visit to Berlin/Prague and another possible Europe Venue in Dec. 6. MI - Motion to approve...something I cannot recall at the moment that I know i said I would ask for....(assigned by you).
7. II - Report PCO Contract status
8. DI - Report IEEE-SA meeting - Sept 30
9. DI - Logistics for the 2014 November EC Leadership Workshop - RSVP due 10. II - Status of San Antonio Plenary - Registration status/venue status etc.

from JamesG:
1. II: July 2017 contract status
2. MI: Updates to 802.24 TAG Task Group formation process

from AdrianS:
1. II An update on the planned November EC workshop – logistics and agenda (ApurvaM & SubirD)
2. II An update on LTE-U related 802 activities (PaulN)
3. II Summary of IETF/IEEE 802 September 29th meeting (PatT)
4. II SA Internet Governance activities and 802 LMSC (AdrianS)

from DavidL:
1. II Plenary early registration deadline (approx. 57 days) with respect to agenda announcement deadline (30 days).

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