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[802SEC] Maximizing Tutorial time on Monday and Tuesday during Plenary Sessions

Hello All,
   I have an action item to start the discussion on the reflector for how can we maximize the time we have allocated for Tutorials.

Sometimes we have tutorials that some believe are not for the whole of 802.
Sometimes we have tutorials that everyone believes that they are for the whole of 802.
Sometimes we have tutorials that some believe are for only one WG.

This has caused a bit of angst.  Historically, we have had rules that said that during the Plenaries no WG meetings were to be held on Monday or Tuesday to allow for the Tutorials to be held.

Then we has a period where WGs could hold meeting regardless of the Tutorial schedule.

Currently we have said that WGs should not hold meetings on Monday evenings, to clear the schedule for Tutorials, and that on Tuesday evenings if we have overflow Tutorials they can be held in parallel with WG meetings.

We all recognize that our time is short and very full.
Some WG utilize more time from Monday to Friday than others.
Each WG utilizes the amount of time to match what they believe their Members want.

How to squeeze more time has lead to this discussion on when a WG could try to gain more time?

Comments and suggestions?
I will look for your input and try to summarize both sides for discussion in San Antonio.
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