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[802SEC] Response to comments on the IEEE 802.3 PARs

Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for the comments on the two IEEE 802.3 draft PARs, please find below the response to the comments as well as links to updated PARs and CSDs.

Best regards,

IEEE P802.3bv 1000 Mb/s Operation Over Plastic Optical Fiber

Comment: 5.6 Stakeholders: Delete "Stakeholders identified to date include but are not limited to:"
Response: The text requested to be deleted was introduced into 802.3 PARs specifically in response to an appeal filed and heard on a non-802 project. (Appealing the SASB approval of the standard because not all stakeholders were listed). This statement is simply a realistic recognition that for many technologies, it is virtually impossible to identify all potential stakeholders. To avoid conflict in approval of this PAR, the requested change will be made.

Comment: 7.1 The organization name is not VDE, but that is its acronym.  "Verband der Elektrotechnik, Elektronik und Informationstechnik" -  missing comma and "und" Also Acronym in the "Please explain" sentance the "VDE" should be expanded at first use. 
Response: The acronym will be replaced with the organization name with corrections as requested. The use of the acronym in the 'Please explain' is a forward reference to the next line so is not considered to be a significant problem for readability and expansion in Sponsor Organization is preferred. The 'please explain' will be changed to read: The VDE document listed below was withdrawn. Proponents accepted encouragement of IEEE-SA to do the work in IEEE 802.3.

Comment: 8.1 - "The VDE document was withdrawn at the request of IEEE/IEEE 802.3."  -- Withdrawn from what?  Was there a formal request that could be cited? "IEEE/IEEE 802.3" is this correct?  Should this be expanded?
Response: We will delete the note to 7.1 and change the 'Please explain' sentence as above.

Comment: Distinct Identity Slide 7 - The underlined statement says that the VDE standard was withdrawn by the "IEEE". In the PAR it states that it was done at the request of IEEE/IEEE802.3. Which is it, can this be worded better in both places?
Response: IEEE 802.11 incorrectly quotes the text in Distinct Identity.  It says "withdrawn at request of IEEE" (not by IEEE). To avoid inappropriate detail about the interactions between IEEE-SA and VDE, the text will simply be changed to "withdrawn".

Comment: Economic Feasibility - slide 8: How does "Energy Efficient Ethernet" relate to "25Gb/s Ethernet"?
Response: (The following answer assumes 802.11 meant GEPOF instead of 25Gb/s Ethernet", but the following would be equally true for 25Gb/s Ethernet.) An economic feasibility consideration is cost of operation. Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) significantly reduces energy consumption when link utilization is low. Any 802.3 project that includes specification of a physical layer entity (what 802.3bv will do) has to define parameters and meet other technical requirements to support the EEE protocol. Therefore, commitment to define EEE support is a commitment to a specific method to reduce cost of operation, rather than a platitude about cost of operation.

Based on the above an updated PAR and CSD can be found at the URL <> and <>.

IEEE P802.3by 25Gb/s Ethernet

Comment: 5.6 Stakeholders: DELETE "Stakeholders identified to date include, but are not limited to,"
Response: Accept.

Comment: CSD - slide 4 - Broad Market Potential: What is "on 25 Gb/s SerDes technology." - "SerDes"? should explain/expand the acroynmy and/or term.
Response: The term 'SerDes' has been replaced with 'serial IO'.

Based on the above an updated PAR and CSD can be found at the URL <> and <>.

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