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[802SEC] Review of subgroups


Our P&Ps states for "Other subgroups" that "The scope, duties, and membership of all subgroups shall be reviewed annually by the Sponsor."

The scope and duties of a Working Group (WG) are determined by the active PARs assinged to that WG. The work of the WG in creating standards is reviewed by the EC multiple times and so does not fall into this requirement.

However, our TAGs and Standing Committees do not have PARs and so the Sponsor Chair has asked that we perform this review during our June 2015 Conference call and has assigned me the task of gathering the input.

So, I need from each Standing Committee Chair or TAG Chair, slides by May 1, 2015 that answer the following questions:
 - Name of the subgroup
- Chair of the subgroup (appointed by the Sponsor Chair or decided by nomination and election)
 - Scope of the subgroup
 - Duties of the subgroup
 - Membership of the subgroup
- A statement of which of the following complementary activities is appropriate: 1) The subgroup is responsible for the definitive content of one or more documents and for responding to views and objections thereon. Such subgroups shall maintain a membership roster and shall comply with the provisions for preparing standard(s). 2) The subgroup is responsible for assisting the Sponsor (e.g., drafting all or a portion of a document, drafting responses to comments, drafting public statements on standards, or other purely advisory functions).
(I suspect all our "Other subgroups" are number 2).

I will create a single presentation and upload it to mentor.

The subgroups and Chairs that need to respond are (please correct me if I am wrong):
 - IEEE 802.18 TAG - Mike Lynch
 - IEEE 802.24 TAG - Tim Godfrey
 - 802 EC/IETF Standing Committee - Pat Thaler
 - 802 JTC1 Standing Committee - Andrew Myles
 - 802 EC/ITU Standing Committee - Glenn Parsons
 - Wireless Chairs Standing Committee - Bob Heile

Thanks for your help.

James Gilb

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