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Re: [802SEC] Subgroup review.


One correction in regards to 802.18. There are 11 voting members rather than 9. I can provide a list of names if needed.

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From: James P. K. Gilb
Sent: ‎6/‎26/‎2015 13:21
Subject: [802SEC] Subgroup review.


We will do our annual review of the subgroups during the July plenary
meeting.  I have a question I would like to pose, so continue reading.

I will do a very short introduction during the opening and ask for a
motion to during the closing (e.g., something like, "802 EC has reviewed
the subgroups, <list of subgroups>, and wishes to continue their
charter" or much better words that you can suggest).

I have the following listed as subgroups and TAGs
802.18 Radio Regulatory TAG
802.24 Vertical Applications TAG
IEEE 802 802 JTC1 standing committee
IEEE 802 EC/IETF Standing Committee
IEEE 802 Wireless Chairs Standing Committee
IEEE 802 EC/ITU Standing Committee

with a report that can be found at:
(Glenn, I am sure, will submit the ITU SC real soon now).

Question: Should the 802.11/802.15 regulatory standing committee be
considered as one of these groups?  I would guess that it is not
required as the 802.11 and 802.15 are welcome to form subgroups in their
respective WGs that meet together.  But, would it help if the group had
status as an official sponsor subgroup.


James Gilb

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