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Re: [802SEC] Subgroup review.


Is the 802.11 sub-group that meets with some 802.15 members any different than the 802.11 sub-group that meets (used to meet?) with an 802.1 sub-group?  I would think not.

I would think that such meetings are ordinary business and should be allowed to be created and destroyed at will.  I also think that common courtesy would dictate that one or the other WG chair should announce to the EC that such meetings are taking place.  Beyond that I do not believe that any further oversight is needed.

If the 11/15 committee is "more important" than that because:
    - it is a standing committee
    - it is concerned with regulatory matters
then perhaps it should be reported, especially if it will ever want to file any joint positions externally through any other mechanism than through 802.18.

Geoff Thompson 

On Jun 28, 2015, at 11:22 PMPDT, Stephens, Adrian P <Adrian.P.Stephens@INTEL.COM> wrote:

In reply to: Question: Should the 802.11/802.15 regulatory standing committee be considered as one of these groups?  I would guess that it is not required as the 802.11 and 802.15 are welcome to form subgroups in their respective WGs that meet together.  But, would it help if the group had status as an official sponsor subgroup.

I think not.   What this group produces goes on to 802.11 to become an 802.11 position;  and I'm sure the
same would happen in 802.15 as and when that is needed.   I'm not sure that the group could claim to
represent 802.11 if it was not a subgroup of 802.11,  and its output subject to approval by 802.11.

As far as I'm concerned the existence of the Joint 802.11/.15 regulatory SC reflects a working arrangement
between these two WGs that needs no attention from the Sponsor.

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