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[802SEC] Call for leaders for the "802.11 as a component" topic

Dear 802.11 members and the wider 802 community,


Following various meetings in 802.11, and the 802.11-sponsored “tutorial” at the last session,  we have identified

that the members present broadly support the idea of improving the ability to embed 802.11 as a component inside

some larger system architecture,  using defined interfaces.


At this point we are aware of a whole bunch of questions,  but almost no answers,  as speakers at the tutorial

amply demonstrated.


I indicated there that I would not personally drive this topic in 802.11,  as I don’t believe I have the necessary

understanding of these issues. But I do have an understanding of the potentially strategic importance

of meeting the challenges of 5G as they affect 802.11.


So,  I’m looking for volunteers who are willing to take on a leadership/evangelistic role,  to consider the questions

asked in the public debate and start thinking of the potential scope of a project.  They would bring presentations

to WNG as the next step.  


If I can find such a band of happy brothers/sisters,  I anticipate they might engage together in the guise of an 802.11 ad-hoc at the Sept F2F, 

with a goal of presentation in the November WNG.


Please let me know if you want to join this activity as a leader  / evangelist.


Best Regards,




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