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[802SEC] Term limits for Chairs


Short answer: The term limits for WG Officers was deleted from the WG P&P in March 2014. The reference for the vote threshold is moot as there is no requirement to hold the vote.

Details below:

In March 2014, we had a motion (from the approved minutes):
* Motion #22 The EC approves the changes described in document ec-14-0011-04, slides 12-16, to the IEEE 802 LMSC Working Group Policies & Procedures

Moved Gilb

Second D’Ambrosia

Results 13-0-0

Motion Passes

Reference 4.03
Slide 12, titled "Remove term limits" had the following content:
Delete from 6.2
An officer who wishes to run for election who has held the office for five (5) or more full or partial terms shall seek permission from the WG. Any full or partial terms for that office count towards this requirement even if not held consecutively. Permission to run shall be sought at the plenary session prior to the session when the election will be held.

This edit was applied to v14 to create v15. The redline document ( shows this on page 6.

However, the edit missed the reference to the voting threshold for this action, which was in subclause 9.3 up to an including our currently approved WG P&P (v16). In the new baseline, subclause 9.3 is subclause 7.1.2 and this item has been removed.

So, while there is currently a vote threshold, there is no need to hold the vote as the requirement was removed effective at the end of the closing plenary in March 2014.

James Gilb

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