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[802SEC] Comments on 802d and 802.1CQ


Here are my comments on the 802.1 PARs.


Editorial: The title in the PAR has P802802d, which is likely a typo.
It appears correctly in the NesCom agenda.

5.2.b While the acronym is spelled out in 8.1, my preference would be
better to expand URN in the scope as it is a key term for this

1.2.4 What is the meaining of "~1997"?  Delete "~1997" as the RFC
number is sufficient to identify the document.

 - Editorial: 5.2 Join the lines in the Scope statement.

 - 5.2: The scope is pretty light on description.  Later in the
   purpose it refers to "Peer-to-peer address claiming and address
   server capabilities will be included to serve the needs of smaller
   (e.g. home) and larger (e.g. industrial plants and building
   control) networks."  Add to the scope "Peer-to-peer address
   claiming and address server capabilities are defined.

James Gilb

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