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[802SEC] 802 EC Teleconference - Action Item Summary


Below is a list of the action items captured from today’s cal.


John D’Ambrosia

Recording Secretary, IEEE 802 LMSC



Agenda Item 4.00

·       Action Item A– Stanley to draft Chair’s guideline regarding “submission of documents that will be considered by the EC, including location on Mentor” for consideration at July Plenary.

·       Action Item B – Thompson / Goldberg to work with IEEE-SA Staff to clarify language when a standard is being withdrawn.  Update to be provided at July Plenary.


Agenda Item 5.00

·       Action Item A – Rosdahl / Heile: Bring forward proposal for Nov 2018 SuZhou, China Meeting


·       Action Item B – Rosdahl – arrange discussion regarding unfettered Internet access as a meeting criteria during July “Future Venues Meeting” Thurs 7am meeting


·       Action Item C - For July – Lisa Ronmark (F2F) will be supporting July Plenary remotely.  All correspondence for July Plenary should be copied to Dawn Slykhouse, Darcel Moro, and Lisa.


Agenda Item 5.10

·       Action Item – Nikolich - Waive registration fees for invited guests – Rappatort (NYU), Hailemariam (Student Contest Winner), Kraemer


Agenda Item 8.00

·       Action Item A – Thaler – begin on-line discussions regarding individual’s objectives for enabling remote participation at face-to-face meetings, and hold an ad hoc meeting at July plenary. 


·       Action Item B – Thaler to identify rules topics necessary for holding electronic hybrid face-to-face meetings.  Status update at July meeting.


Agenda Item 8.01

·       Action Item – Thaler propose revisions to current Chair’s Guideline 2.16, at Sunday evening Rules Meeting at July Plenary.


Agenda Item 9.10

·       Action Item A – Godfrey / Law / D’Ambrosia to see if there is interest in 802.3 hearing the winning presentation.


·       Action Item B - Godfrey – confirm arrival / departure times with F2F for Hailemariam (student paper winner) for July Plenary meeting.


Agenda Item 9.2

·       Action Item – D’Ambrosia – Create liaison template for 802





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