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[802SEC] CCing of liaison letters to Secretary of the IEEE-SA Standards Board and IEEE-SA BOG

Dear EC members,

Further to the discussion on the IEEE 802 EC call this evening, here is the text from subclause 5.1.3 'Statements to external bodies' of the IEEE-SA Standards Board Operations Manual that was provided to me during a recent email exchange I had with IEEE-SA staff in relation to an IEEE 802.3 liaison letter.

Best regards,


5.1.3 Statements to external bodies 

Each IEEE Standards Sponsor shall have policies and procedures in place concerning the creation and handling of public statements prior to sending any such statements in any format to any body other than the IEEE Standards Association. These procedures should state a means for developing and approving the Sponsor statement and a methodology for presentation of those statements. These procedures shall also conform both to the IEEE-SA procedures as administered by the IEEE-SA Board of Governors (BOG) and set forth in subclause 6.5 of the IEEE Standards Association Operations Manual and to the rules in Section 15 of the IEEE Policies.  

Each statement shall clearly identify the group creating this statement in its opening paragraph, and shall include in that paragraph, or a footnote thereto, the exact sentence that "this document solely represents the views of name of group and does not necessarily represent a position of either the IEEE or the IEEE Standards Association." If the public statement addresses safety, that statement shall be reviewed and approved in writing by IEEE legal counsel prior to issuance.

Upon issuance of all such public statements, electronic copies shall be sent to the Secretary of the IEEE-SA Standards Board and to the Secretary of the IEEE-SA BOG.

If the Sponsor wants to issue an entity position statement on standards that represents the viewpoint of the IEEE Standards Association, the rules in the IEEE Standards Association Operations Manual shall be followed. Approval from the IEEE-SA BOG shall be obtained prior to a Sponsor requesting another IEEE entity (as defined in Section 15 of the IEEE Policies) to offer a position statement on a standards matter.

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