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Re: [802SEC] Subgroup review


Thanks for your response and of course I agree.

By the way this week I'll be sending information on the results of the ITU-R WP1A and SG1 meetings that were completed last week in Genève.

Best regards,


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From: Geoff Thompson
Sent: ‎6/‎13/‎2016 19:55
To: Michael J. Lynch
Cc: Geoff Thompson; STDS-802-SEC@LISTSERV.IEEE.ORG; James P. K. Gilb
Subject: Re: [802SEC] Subgroup review


It was your position with the SASB that I was alluding to.
Sorry that I didn't get the the title precisely correctly but (obviously) the intent was communicated.

The intent was that 
the IEEE 802.18 Radio Regulatory TAG
the IEEE-SA Technical Liaison to the ITU-R

should coordinate,
and that the duty to coordinate should show up in the written duties and "complimentary activities" of the group.

That is, I believe, within the formal duties of the group and should be documented.
I will leave things beyond that to others.

Best regards,


On Jun 13, 2016, at 5:13 PMPDT, Michael J. Lynch <> wrote:


Good afternoon. I hope all is going well.

Am I correct in presuming that, at least for now, that I am the "Radio Regulatory representative"? Actually the title from the appointment letter is "IEEE-SA Technical Liaison to the ITU-R". That letter goes on to say that as the liaison "you will in effect represent the IEEE as well as the IEEE-SA to the ITU-R".

There is an IEEE-SA Administrative Liaison to the ITU-R, currently Jodi Haasz (previously Terry deCourcelle).

Or is this meant to include radio regulatory matters other than the ITU-R? In the recent past the Sponsor has acted as the only one authorized to deal with national regulators such as the FCC, U.K. Ofcom, etc?

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From: Geoff Thompson
Sent: ‎6/‎13/‎2016 18:09
Subject: Re: [802SEC] Subgroup review


Regarding:      IEEE 802.18 Radio Regulatory TAG

There is nothing in the scope describing any obligation to inform and/or coordinate
802.18 positions with radio regulatory views and positions as developed by the
IEEE-SA SASB Radio Regulatory representative.

I believe there should be.

I believe there was no earlier mention of this because the SASB Radio Regulatory representative and the chair of the 802.18 Radio Regulatory TAG were the same person.  This is no longer the case and the relationship and obligations needs to be documented more formally.

Best regards,

        Geoff Thompson

> On May 25, 2016, at 8:13 PMPDT, James P. K. Gilb <> wrote:

> All

> On the June conference all we will review our subgroups, the document summarizing our groups can be found at:

> Please review prior to the call.

> James Gilb

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