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Re: [802SEC] Motion on OfCom Consultation, Roger's comments


On Jul 15, 2016, at 3:27 PMPDT, Kennedy, Rich <rich.kennedy@HPE.COM> wrote:

It's entire focus is on improving 5 GHz wireless networking for consumers.

I agree with that and have no argument with it.

As clearly stated, early in the document, they use the term Wi-Fi to represent any RLAN.

And we are addressing that.

Certainly, wired internet access is an extremely minor consumer consideration. Tablets and Smartphones don't have Ethernet ports, and neither do most consumer laptops today.

It is statements like this that bother me because there are two way to interpret it.
  a.  Fully wireless networks are the wave of the future, both end connection and backhaul.  Ethernet isn't worth paying any attention to anymore.
  b.  New end connection applications especially in the consumer space will all  be wireless.  The fact that they require a backhaul infrastructure which may be wired or wireless is beyond the scope of this consultation.

I don't believe (a) and will not support any 802 statement that is equivalent to such a statement.
I can easily support statement (b).  I would be eager to discuss the health of wired connections in general and Ethernet in particular with any radio-centric person who thinks Ethernet is going away sometime soon.

Rich Kennedy


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