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Re: [802SEC] EC call item 8.00: liaison from 802 to 3GPP PCG

Hello Paul,  

In my opinion this has too much introductory material (move to annex).
The liaison from 802.11 to 3GPP should be cited.
There should be specific requests for them to consider and approve or deny, e.g.:
    802.11 should be able to access relevant 3GPP RAN and SA documents,  and vice versa.
    802.11 should be able to comment on relevant 3GPP RAN and SA drafts, and vice versa, and require that the comments are given due consideration.

On the 26th,  Joseph Levy (802.11 AANI SC chair) wrote:

I too am concerned that we get the “ask” correct in the liaison.  Both RAN and SA will be asking the PCG to define how they will/should work with 802.11.  My summary of the input to the PCG from RAN and SA is (as taken from my slides for tomorrows AANI SC), which is he output from the 802.11 liaison sent on 9/17:


          Both RAN and SA are supportive of working with 802.11 to improve WLAN aggregation and integration, as we (802.11) requested.

          RAN Conclusion [3]: 
“RAN chair will inform PCG about RAN conclusion: From RAN point of view it is desirable to discuss radio-level integration between 3GPP/NR and 802.11 system”

          SA position on the role of WLAN in IMT-2020 (LS from IEEE 802.11 WG, SP-160691)[4]:

SA considers it desirable to continue to improve WLAN integration in the 3GPP NextGen System in future

          There are related objectives in on-going stage 1 and stage 2 work.

          From Rel-6 to Rel-13, there was continual advancement of features to improve integration of WLAN with the 3GPP system.

SA defers to PCG to further discuss how cooperation between IEEE 802.11 and 3GPP TSGs and WGs can be pursued beyond the existing collaboration (through LS exchanges).

          In particular, SA requests PCG consider all aspects of the incoming LS concerning IMT-2020 submission and to provide guidance.

The references 3,4 are:

  1., section 9 New Radio, RP-161804
  2., 6 General Incoming Liaisons, TD SP-160706, note also see SP‑160737


Therefore I think it is critical that we provide some suggested way of working together.  Some possibilities are: having a workshop, establishing Liaisons (actual people), establishing a joint working group, establishing direct connections between 3GPP work items or study items and 802.11 TG or SG or SC.  We’ll be discussing this during tomorrow’s AANI SC teleconference.  I’ll report back to this group if on any suggestions or consensus reached on the call.  Also, please feel free to join the teleconference 9/27 10:00am EDT, on 802.11


I’ll also plan to provide some draft text on the “ask” sometime tomorrow.
Joseph is currently on holiday.

Best Regards,

Adrian Stephens
IEEE 802.11 Working Group Chair
Phone: +1 (971) 203-2032
Skype: adrian_stephens
On 04/10/2016 14:20, Paul Nikolich wrote:
Dear EC,
I inadvertently sent the wrong attachment, please disregard it.  The correct one is attached to this email.
------ Original Message ------
From: "Paul Nikolich" <>
Sent: 10/4/2016 9:12:09 AM
Subject: [802SEC] EC call item 8.00: liaison from 802 to 3GPP PCG
Dear EC members,
A small group (Glenn, Adrian, Roger, Jon, Joseph Levy, Dorothy Stanely, and Max Riegel)  have worked on a preliminary draft liaison to the 3GPP Project Coordination Group (PCG) regarding  5G standardization topics and were hoping to review and approve a final draft at today's call.
We have been unable to achieve that goal. Regardless I'd like to take advantage of the time we have today to obtain input on the preliminary draft.  I've attached the it to this email for discussion during the call.  Later this week the above group plans to meet to review and revise based on the input received during today's call.  My plan is to quickly bring that draft to the EC for an email ballot in order to send an approved liaison to PCG one week before their next meeting scheduled for 20 Oct 2016.
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