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[802SEC] P802c sponsor ballot



On 11 November, the EC granted conditional approval to forward P802c to Sponsor Ballot. Here is the report, per OM Clause 11.


a) Recirculation ballot ran from 15 Dec - 6 Jan.

b) The approval rate is 97% (28/1/9). No Disapprove votes or Disapprove comments were submitted during the recirc. One Disapprove comment remains, as presented to the EC in November.

c) No technical changes, as determined by the WG Chair, were made as a result of the recirculation ballot.

d) A new draft, P802c/D2.0, was prepared for Sponsor Ballot. In that draft, four table entries marked "as assigned by IEEE RA prior to Sponsor Ballot" were replaced by identifiers subsequently assigned by the IEEE RA.


Having met the conditions, we are proceeding directly to Sponsor Ballot.







Glenn Parsons - Chair, IEEE 802.1



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