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Re: [802SEC] PARs Uploaded

We have never considered a PAR modification for pre-circulation that came to the EC from outside the Working Group. 

I've looked at the closing reports and skimmed the minutes from 802.11ax from March and May. They don't mention any discussion of PAR modification.

Furthermore, a PAR modification needs to be accompanied by a CSD so the submission is incomplete as well as late. I expect that the WG/TG reviewed whether the extension of the band affects the Technical and Economic Feasibility responses (or any other responses).

Note that the LMSC OM Proceedure for PARs includes the following:
"All PARs must be accompanied by supporting documentation, which shall include:
a) Explanatory technical background material
b) Expository remarks on the status of the development of the PAR (e.g., approved by WG,
Draft pending WG approval at next meeting, etc.)"

The schedule for 802.11ax in the closing report for March has Sponsor Ballot Pool formation in May* 2018 and starting Sponsor Ballot in November 2018. Any PAR modification that would increase scope needs to be approved by the Standards Board before sending the invitation for the Ballot Pool. Increasing the scope after that requires withdrawing the PAR and creating a new PAR. (NesCom conventions 13.) EC approval of forwarding the PAR modification in November would be more than adequate to do that even if May 2018 is when the invitation is started. 

*Is that a typo? May is early to form the ballot pool if the ballot is expected to start in November. That's 6 months. A ballot pool expires and has to be reformed if Sponsor Ballot hasn't started within 6 months of the invitation close The prior schedule had January and March - a time span that makes more sense. (2017 SB OM 5.4.2)


On Fri, Jun 16, 2017 at 2:34 PM, John D'Ambrosia <> wrote:


It is not clear if you are sending this to me as a PAR request that you want to present to 802.11 or something you wanted the EC to consider in July.


If your wish was for the EC to consider it, then you have missed the 30 day deadline.  Please refer to the text below from the IEEE 802 OM [  ]–  


9.2 IEEE 802 LMSC approval

A complete  proposed PAR and, if applicable,  the criteria for standards development (CSD) statement, as described in Clause 13, shall be submitted to the Sponsor via the Sponsor email reflector for review no less than 30 days prior to the day of the opening Sponsor meeting of an IEEE 802 LMSC plenary session.  The submittal message should include Internet links to the required submittal documents.  Presence of the submittal message in the reflector archive (with time stamp) is evidence of delivery.


I reviewed the 802 Reflector Archive, and did not see a message prior to today’s regarding this PAR modification.




John D’Ambrosia

Recording Secretary, IEEE 802 LMSC





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Subject: RE: [802SEC] PARs Uploaded




I have a PAR modification for P802.11ax. The document is here: and attached.


Thank you.


Rich Kennedy


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Subject: [802SEC] PARs Uploaded


Dear WG Chairs,

I have uploaded the PARs I have received emails for.  All were from Glenn.  If I have missed any PARs by anyone, please contact me tomorrow 6/16.




John D’Ambrosia

Recording Secretary, IEEE 802 LMSC

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