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[802SEC] Email from the SCC18 Chair to Standards Sponsor Representatives

Dear EC Members,

Please share the below message from the National Fire Protection Association Standards Coordinating Committee SCC18 Chair, Chris Hunter, with your groups as appropriate.



Dear Standards Sponsor Representatives,
My name is Chris Hunter and I am the Chair of the IEEE-SA National Fire Protection Association Standards Coordinating Committee (SCC18) that reports to the IEEE-SA Standards Board. SCC18 is a Type 1 Standards Coordinating Committee (SCC) and serves as a forum for the exchange of information in its technical area of relevance. SCC18 does not develop standards; the Committee is responsible for coordinating and establishing the IEEE position on certain National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) technical committees. The NFPA technical committees include NFPA 70, National Electrical Code®, and NFPA 70E, Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace®.

I am sending this message to all IEEE Sponsors to ensure that you are familiar with SCC18 and its role. Information related to SCC18 can be located on its website (, and a general email reflector has been established as well. To subscribe to the reflector, go to

In order for SCC18 to assist IEEE representatives to NFPA code-making panels in the formation of an IEEE position, it is vital for SCC18 to receive input from IEEE Sponsors/technical committees that have positions on matters under consideration by NFPA. It is challenging for SCC18 committee members to examine all aspects of NFPA document revisions to determine the impacts on new or existing electrical/electronic technologies. SCC18 therefore requests that each Sponsor/technical committee be aware that this activity is ongoing and to either directly participate in the SCC18 committee or to periodically review the NFPA material in order to ensure that your technology area is not impacted.
As you may be aware, the NEC® is currently being revised for the 2020 edition. Public Input has been submitted and will form the basis of the necessary revisions. The PDF files of the NEC® Code-Making Panel Public Input reports have been posted on the Document Information Page at and are available for public view.
It is suggested that these files be reviewed to determine whether changes are being proposed that may affect your technology area. Please feel free to contact me ( to discuss this action and any future involvement with SCC18.
Thank you in advance for your assistance.
Chris Hunter
SCC18 Chair

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