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[802SEC] IETF Standing Committee Agenda items

Dear Colleagues,

If you have agenda items for an IETF Standing Committee meeting at the November plenary please let me know by Monday, 23 October. We will meet only if there are agenda items to address.

The current active items on the Potential Areas for IETF/IEEE802 Coordination list are:

3.  IETF NVO3 and IEEE802.1 DCB 
5.  Enabling use of Local Addresses for virtualization and IoT
11. IETF and IEEE 802.1 OmniRAN TG
21. 6tisch
22 CAPWAP extensions in OPSAWG
24 Coordination between IETF and IEEE 802 on Pervasive Monitoring
25. Layer 2/Layer 3 Interaction for Time-Sensitive Traffic
27. development of YANG models in IEEE 802
30. Intelligent Transportation Systems

All are operating on an even keel as far as I'm aware. Item 22 CAPWAP may be ready to be closed soon. Most of the others are waiting for stable drafts for the next reviews (i.e. IETF last call or IEEE sponsor ballot). Item 27 YANG models, there is work underway to keep alignment between what is evolving for interface models in IETF and IEEE 802. The appropriate experts are involved.

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