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[802SEC] Fwd: [STDS-802-11] TGaq waiver request regarding IEEE RAC comments

Dear EC members,

TGaq have once again received a similar corpus of negative comments from the RAC that they have in previous
recirculation ballots,  showing that there is no convergence of technical opinion between the RAC and
TGaq members/the balloting group.

The project is at 98% approval (pool 125, 2% abstain, 92% return).   As I started to outline in the November
meeting,  the IEEE-SA rules require a waiver request to RevCom to be agreed by the sponsor.

Please see the reference below.   Stephen McCann (Chair TGaq) has produced a SWAG at the waiver
request document.    This is new territory - nothing in the IEEE-SA or 802 procedures describes its

I would therefore seek review comments from this group as to the appropriate content/structure for a
waiver document so that we can respond in time for the March meeting.

I am not looking for technical comment on this reflector.  I realize that some in the EC will vigorously oppose
some of the technical positions in this document.   There will be an opportunity for those wanting to engage
in technical debate with TGaq members to do so in the March meeting,   or by telecon before then if
sufficient interest is expressed to me/Stephen.

Best Regards,

Adrian Stephens
IEEE 802.11 Working Group Chair
Phone: +1 (971) 203-2032
Phone: +447342178905
Skype: adrian_stephens

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Subject: [STDS-802-11] TGaq waiver request regarding IEEE RAC comments
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2018 12:31:47 -0500
From: Stephen McCann <mccann.stephen@GMAIL.COM>
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Dear all,
            I've just uploaded a revision of a document that TGaq was working on during the November 2017 meeting:

The revision is in preparation of discussions that TGaq will have during the January 2018 face-to-face meeting as to how to complete this document (see the "tbds") and move forward.

If you have an interest in this document, please come along to the TGaq meetings next week and I'd certainly appreciate any help with the format of this waiver request as I've been unable to find one within the IEEE 802 or IEEE RAC document archives.

I'd also like to mention that it has not been decided by TGaq to submit this document to the IEEE 802 EC or the IEEE RAC, as that may turn out to be unecessary. However, I still feel that this document needs to be prepared, worked on and completed. Thanks.

Kind regards



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