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[802SEC] Fwd: Announcement of 802.11 IMT-2020 proposal activity

Dear Paul and 802 EC,

For information...

This e-mail is to inform you and the 802 EC that the 802.11 WG is investigating submitting a IMT-2020 proposal to the ITU-R WP5D based on IEEE 802.11 technology and to also provide you with the status and background information related to this activity.

As you are probably aware ITU-R WP5D has issued a circular letter ( inviting the submission of proposals for candidate radio interface technologies for the terrestrial components of the radio interface(s) for IMT-2020.  For more information on the IMT-2020 process please see: and/or

 A motion was passed at the November 802.11 WG meeting that said:

       Invite AANI to prepare draft documents meeting the 31 Jan 2018 requirements  for submission of  11 to ITU-R Working Party 5D as an IMT-2020 5G RIT (radio interface technology) and

       Bring the documents for consideration and approval at the January IEEE 802.11 interim meeting.

In response to this motion the 802.11 AANI SC has been working to develop a suitable document for contribution to the ITU-R WP5D meeting to be held 31 January 2018.  The 802.11 AANI SC has created an draft that when completed may be suitable for contribution ( 

The 802.11 AANI SC is currently working to improve and complete this contribution and anticipates having a document for 802.11 WG approval by the close of the January IEEE 802.11 interim meeting on 19 January 2018. 

It is not the intent of the 802.11 WG to provide a complete IMT-2020 proposal at this time, as complete proposals are not due until June 2019.   The intent of this contribution is to inform ITU-R WP5D that: IEEE 802.11 Wireless Local Area Networks Working Group (802.11) intends to provide a complete IMT-2020 RIT Proposal based on 802.11 technology by the ITU proposed cut off for submissions of candidate RIT and SRIT proposals, June 2019 and that 802.11 plans to submit its proposal in accordance with the WP5D workplan.

The short term goals of this activity are:

1.       Complete a document suitable for contribution to the upcoming 31 Jan 2018 ITUR WP5D  meeting

2.       Approve the document for submission at the 802.11 WG closing plenary

3.       Obtain 802. EC approve of the document for submission, via e-vote by 23 January 2018

4.       Have the IEEE Liaison submit the document to ITU-R WP5D prior to the (16:00 UTC 24 January 2018 document dead line)

The long term goals is to complete a full proposal that meets the IMT-2020 requirements and submit it to ITU-R WP5D by June 2019. 



Best Regards,


Adrian Stephens

IEEE 802.11 Working Group Chair,  on behalf of the 802.11 AANI SC.


Phone: +1 (971) 203-2032

Phone: +447342178905

Skype: adrian_stephens

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