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Re: [802SEC] IEEE 802 Orientation slides, 2018 update (draft)

Roger –

Here is my feedback




  1. Mentor Doc # missing
  2. Page 6 -prior diagram noted that there were 25 IEEE societies and councils – now there are only 2?
  3. Previously 802 was noted under standardization activities, now it is only noted under technical activities.  While I understand IEEE-SA may want to broaden what they are seen as doing – 802 is about market relevant standards – this seems lost in this new diagram.
  4. Slides 7 & 8 should be deleted IMO.  This is a newcomer program for IEEE 802- not IEEE.  If IEEE wants to have its own introduction – let it do it- and not dilute this orientation.
  5. Slide #9 deleted this bullet - Voter’s are individuals, not entities (e.g. companies).  I think this needs to stay in the orientation- it is a key point.
  6. I do not care for the definition of IC as non-standardization activity – it is a pre-PAR activity that may lead to standardization activity.  In addition it is an approach used to help people get standards activities started. 
  7. Slide #16 – why the inclusion of bylaws / ops manual here?  The page is noted as 5 basic principles.  There are more inclusive lists of governing docs to use.  Suggest you create new slide for related gov docs.
  8. Page 22 – you imply that membership starts when attending …. – this implies it is automatic – that is not the case for 802.3 – I can’t comment on all the groups – but this intro needs to be inclusive.
  9. Page 25 – Comment regarding photographs or recordings is not up to date.  Please refer to  see section
  10. I actually believe the Participation Slide SHOULD be shown, reviewed, discussed.  This is a key slide.



From: ***** IEEE 802 Executive Committee List ***** <> On Behalf Of Roger Marks
Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2018 1:06 AM
Subject: [802SEC] IEEE 802 Orientation slides, 2018 update (draft)


Dear EC,


One of my action items is to update the IEEE 802 Orientation slides, used in the Newcomer Orientation on Monday morning of the Plenary Session. I plan to introduce the new version at the July Plenary.


I have drafted a revision, based on the existing slides. I've updated and added some content, and I've refreshed the look. Much of the visual presentation comes from slides that Glenn and Jodi prepared for the Fellowship program. Thanks to them for that.


I've uploaded a draft at <>. I think this is close to final, but I welcome any comments within a week from now. I'll use a new document serial number for the final version.





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