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[STDS-802-11-TGBE] Clean Up of Old Pending Docs in TGbe

Hello all,

There are several old documents (obtained before the end of 2023) that are pending (no submission has been uploaded). In order to clean up the server from these rather outdated entries could you please confirm to Jon and me if you are still planning to submit the corresponding document or whether it is fine to delete?
Note that any of the entries below for which we have not received an explicit request for keeping them will be removed.The explicit request has to be sent no later than March 31st, 2024.

16-Nov-2023 ET
202321140TGbe11be D4.0 deferred CIDsLiwen Chu (NXP)PENDING
12-Jul-2023 ET
202312920TGbePDT for ML ReconfigurationHuaweiPENDING
11-Jul-2023 ET
202312640TGbeCR for CID 15613HuaweiPENDING
09-Jun-2023 ET
20239980TGbeCR for assigned CIDsGeorge Cherian (Qualcomm)PENDING
04-May-2023 ET
20237440TGbeLB271 CR 35.3.18 part 2Liwen Chu (NXP)PENDING
25-Apr-2023 ET
20237080TGbePending titleQi Wang (Apple Inc.)PENDING
29-Mar-2023 ET
20235650TGbeLB 271 CR for 35.7.4 and 35.7.5Zinan Lin (InterDigital)PENDING
26-Mar-2023 ET
20235340TGbeLB271 CR for 36.3.10Lei Huang (Huawei)PENDING
16-Mar-2023 ET
14-Dec-2022 ET
202221760TGbeProposed resolutions to a few LB266 CIDs on EMLSRQi Wang (Apple Inc.)PENDING
08-May-2022 ET
20227100TGbeNext generation after 802.11be - follow-upLaurent Cariou (Intel)PENDING
05-Apr-2022 ET
20226030TGbeCC36 CR for CID 5720Chenchen Liu(Huawei)PENDING
03-Apr-2022 ET
20225740TGbeCC36 resolution for CIDs related to clause 12Hewlett Packard EnterprisePENDING
27-Jan-2022 ET
20222270TGbecr-for-6-3-39Zhiqiang Han(ZTE Corporation)PENDING
07-Jan-2022 ET
202119891TGbeGroup-address-frame-enhancements for MLDSaju Palayur (Maxlinear)PENDING
12-Oct-2021 ET
202116801TGbeTXOP limit of NSTR linksRonny Yongho Kim (KNUT)PENDING
11-Aug-2021 ET
202113340TGbeCC36-CR-for-CIDs-in-Clause-35.5.2Zinan Lin (InterDigital)PENDING
14-Jun-2021 ET
20219830TGbeCR-CID-2071-the-term-linkMatthew Fischer (Broadcom Inc)PENDING
07-May-2021 ET
20213017TGbeCRs for D0.3 ML element Type CIDsRojan Chitrakar (Panasonic)PENDING
12-Apr-2021 ET
20216540TGbeSolutions for TBDs in codingYan Zhang (NXP)PENDING
08-Apr-2021 ET
20216200TGbecr-for-6-3Zhiqiang Han(ZTE Corperation)PENDING
31-Mar-2021 ET
20215630TGbeCR for CID 1249, 1250, 1962, 3275Myeongjin Kim (Samsung)PENDING
04-Mar-2021 ET
20213750TGbeMLO TID-to-Link mapping reconsiderationArik Klein (Huawei)PENDING
08-Jan-2021 ET
2021500TGbeProposals for a TDM ML soft APShubhodeep Adhikari (Broadcom)PENDING
17-Nov-2020 ET
202018690TGbeOptimizations for control and latency-sensitive transmissionSindhu Verma (Broadcom)PENDING
02-Nov-2020 ET
202017630TGbeMLD support for extending TSN redundancy over 802.11beJuan Fang (Intel)PENDING
27-Oct-2020 ET
202017150TGbeSoft AP MLD Medium AccessSharan Naribole (Samsung)PENDING
28-Jul-2020 ET
202011490TGbeR1-v-R2-Classification-of-Joint-Topics-in-the-11be-SFDMatthew Fischer (Broadcom Inc)PENDING
13-Jul-2020 ET
202010690TGbeMU-RTS/CTS continuationJarkko Kneckt (Apple)PENDING
21-May-2020 ET
20208030TGbeBroader bandwidth (320MHz and 240MHz) channel access rule discussionsZhou Lan (Broadcom Inc.)PENDING
12-May-2020 ET
20207500TGbeBSS Information Considering Power SavingNamyeong Kim (LG Electronics)PENDING
12-May-2020 ET
20207490TGbeDiscussion on Link Management for Power SavingNamyeong Kim (LG Electronics)PENDING
04-May-2020 ET
20207000TGbeMulti-link discovery follow-uplaurent cariou (Intel)PENDING
27-Apr-2020 ET
20206600TGbeFlexible and fast switch of primary channelShubhodeep Adhikari (Broadcom)PENDING
23-Mar-2020 ET
20205280TGbeNon-STR Multi-link BASharan Naribole (Samsung)PENDING
20-Mar-2020 ET
20205200TGbeUnified Procedure for Shared TXOP operationsSharan Naribole (Samsung)PENDING
15-Mar-2020 ET
20204890TGbeApplied Case Study of Multi-link Framework and OperationYoshihisa Kondo (ATR)PENDING
10-Mar-2020 ET
20204280TGbeMulti-link TWTSharan Naribole (Samsung)PENDING
09-Mar-2020 ET
20203930TGbeBSS parameters update for multi-linklaurent cariou (Intel)PENDING
07-Feb-2020 ET
20202960TGbeMLO TWT cross link signaling discussionZhou Lan (Broadcom Inc.)PENDING
07-Feb-2020 ET
20202950TGbeMLO Block ACK procedure discussionZhou Lan (Broadcom Inc.)PENDING
07-Feb-2020 ET
20202930TGbeCoordinated OFDMA protocol discussionsZhou Lan (Broadcom Inc.)PENDING
14-Jan-2020 ET
20201700TGbeMLO with Simultaneous TX-TX ConstraintsSharan Naribole (Samsung)PENDING
08-Nov-2019 ET
201919520TGbeHARQ performanceWook Bong Lee (Samsung)PENDING
01-Jul-2019 ET
201910930TGbeHARQ for 802.11beImran Latif (Quantenna)PENDING


Alfred Asterjadhi, PhD
IEEE802.11 TGbe/TGbn Chair,
Qualcomm Technologies Inc.
Cell #:    +1 858 263 9445
Office #: +1 858 658 5302

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