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Re: [STDS-802-11-TGBE] Volunteers (especially with 11az background) needed

Dear all,

I secured sufficient volunteers to review the updated contents of Clause 9 with respect to REVme D5.0.

Thank you,

On Sun, Feb 25, 2024 at 6:17 AM Edward Au <> wrote:
Dear Aflred and 802.11be members,
cc. Jonathan and 802.11bk members,

As mentioned in my Editor's report during the 802.11be MAC ad-hoc teleconference on February 7, 2024, I was going to update the P802.11be D5.0 with REVme D5.0. 

As of now, I've harmonized all the text of P802.11be D5.0 except Clause 9.  As you may know, we have quite a lot of text restructuring in this clause, especially subclauses (NDP Announcement frame format) and (Trigger frame format).  

I need a few volunteers (at least one with extensive background of the 802.11az-2023 standard and one with extensive background of 11be) to check if my roll-in is fine. 

I expect to finish the harmonization of Clause 9 by March 2, 2024, and I expect any volunteer may need to spend a couple of hours to check and discuss with me if there is any issue.

If you are interested and are available to do so, please let me know by March 1, 2024.

Thanks in advance.


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