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[STDS-802-11-TGBH] 回复: [STDS-802-11-TGBH] Teleconference times?

Hi Mark,


Conflicting with AANI, TGbc, TGbd, and/or TGbf  is acceptable for me.

I prefer 9:00 ET.




Best Regards,


Liuming Lu


发件人: Mark Hamilton <mark.hamilton2152@xxxxxxxxx>
发送时间: 2021716 7:30
收件人: STDS-802-11-TGBH@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
主题: [STDS-802-11-TGBH] Teleconference times?




On today’s TGbh call, it was pointed out that we have been holding teleconferences at times that are consistently bad for Asia (13:00 ET).  So, I’d like to start a discussion about our options, and preferences.


As I understand it, the options to be better for Asia are either 9:00 or 10:00 ET, or 19:00 ET.  Any comments on those options? 


However, the challenge is that 9:00 or 10:00 ET is already taken by other TGs for their regular calls: CAC, REVme, AANI, TGbc, TGbd, TGbe, TGbf, and TGbi.  I personally cannot meet in conflict with CAC, or REVme.  I have gotten strong requests to avoid conflict with TGbe.  I think TGbh meeting in conflict with TGbi is clearly inappropriate.  So, the remaining options are to conflict with AANI, TGbc, TGbd, and/or TGbf. 

  • What are your thoughts about conflicting with AANI, TGbc, TGbd, and/or TGbf?  Is that acceptable?  That would result in having call(s) at 9:00 or 10:00 ET on Tuesday (which would probably conflict with all four of those).  What are thoughts about calls on Tuesdays at 9:00 or 10:00 (and any preference for 9:00 or 10:00?)?


The 19:00 ET slot is equally bad for EMEA, as our current time is for Asia. 

  • Do we have anyone with interest in TGbh, in EMEA time zones?


One other choice is to have alternate times, sometimes meeting when it is bad for Asia and sometimes when it is bad for EMEA.  (Since all of the leadership is in U.S. timezones, I’m not going to offer to have calls when it is bad for the U.S., sorry 😊

  • What are thoughts about an alternating times schedule?


Thanks.  Mark

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