How to be involved in IEEE 802.16


Observer Status

Members, Observers, and nonmembers alike may exercise the following rights:

To subscribe to the IEEE 802.16 Email Reflector (stds-802-16) and thereby be notified of document publication, meetings, minutes, etc.
Subscribe to stds-802-16 or related reflectors and read the archives
To post to the reflectors in accordance with the reflector rules.
Post your message to the appropriate address.
To examine documents, unless copyright concerns prohibit it.
Study any document on the web site.
Note: Read about access to password-protected documents.
To contribute documents in response to a Call for Contributions.
Each Call for Contributions is posted to the web site.
To attend and participate in IEEE 802.16 meetings, if registered.
See the calender for the meeting schedule.
To join the IEEE 802.16 Sponsor Invitation Pool.
Future IEEE 802.16 draft standards will be balloted by a Balloting Group drawn from members of the IEEE 802.16 Invitation Pool. For more information, see the 802.16 Invitation Pool page. Note: After April 2004, IEEE 802.16 Sponsor Ballot Groups will be formed using IEEE-SA's new myBallot process. The myBallot invitation pool membership is not transferred from the previous pool. For details on joining the Pool and using myBallot, see the myBallot FAQ.

In addition, IEEE 802.16 Members and Observers have the following exclusive rights:

In addition, IEEE 802.16 Members have the following exclusive rights:

Serving as an IEEE 802.16 Official

Many people serve as IEEE 802.16 officials. The Working Group Chair and Vice Chair are elected by the Working Group at the March IEEE 802.16 LMSC Plenary Session in even-numbered years. The other positions are created and filled by the Chair. The Chair will generally select IEEE 802.16 members for these positions. Please contact the Chair if you wish to be considered for a new or existing position.
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