IEEE 802.16's License-Exempt (LE) Task Group

IEEE 802.16's License-Exempt (LE) Task Group developed a draft under the P802.16h PAR, which was approved by the IEEE-SA Standards Board on 2004-12-08, and extended on 2008-09-26 until the end of 2009, and extended on 2009-12-09 until the end of 2010. The subject is "Improved Coexistence Mechanisms for License-Exempt Operation."

IEEE Std 802.16h was approved by IEEE-SA Standards Board on 2010-06-17 as an amendment to IEEE Std 802.16-2009 (as previously amended by IEEE Std 802.16j-2009). It was published by IEEE on 2010-07-30, which will make it available for sale in the IEEE catalog. It will be available free of charge via Get IEEE 802TM by in early February 2011.

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The IEEE 802.16's License-Exempt Task Group Leadership Team is:

Mariana Goldhamer (Chair)
Alvarion Ltd.

Harry Bims (Vice Chair/Secretary)
Bims Laboratories, Inc.

Wu Xuyong (Editor)

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