IEEE 802.16 Coexistence Task Group (Task Group 2)

IEEE 802.16's Task Group 2 developed, under IEEE PAR 802.16.2-REVa, a revision of IEEE Standard 802.16.2 ("IEEE Recommended Practice for Local and metropolitan area networks - Coexistence of Fixed Broadband Wireless Access Systems"). The draft was approved as IEEE Standard 802.16.2-2004 by the IEEE-SA Standards Board on 9 February 2004. It was published on 17 March 2004.

The Task Group's work began under IEEE PAR 802.16.2a, which was an amendment rather than a revision. The worked transitioned to a revision effort when P802.16.2-REVa was approved on 11 September 2003 as a replacement for P802.16.2a.

Philip Whitehead, Radiant Networks PLC

Task Group 2 Documents

Study Group on Enhancements to 802.16.2: (Chartered 2001-03-14 through 2001-07-13)

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