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stds-80220-ch-models: CHAN: Pointer to information for conference call

[NOTE: This posting is made as a contributor to, not as chairman
of, the modeling correspondence group. No special weight should
be attached to any opinions, technical observations, suggestions,
or other information that may be expressed in this posting.]

Channel Modelers,

Qiang has asked me to lead a discussion on the effects of channel
characteristics, particularly delay spread, on PHY layer parameters.

As a background reference, please refer to contribution C802.20-03/48,
of which I am a co-author.  The full set of authors and affiliations
for this document are as follows:

	Glenn Golden 	Flarion Technologies, Inc.
	Insoo Sohn	ETRI
	Heesoo Lee	ETRI
	Jae Young Ahn	ETRI
	Samir Kapoor	Flarion Technologies, Inc.

Section 5 of this contribution discusses the effects of various
channel characteristics, including delay spread, on the choice of
parameters for OFDM systems. It may be useful as background material,
although I emphasize that the discussion is only vis a vis OFDM

I will "lead" the discussion by simply summarizing, very briefly,
a few general observations about delay spread, and then opening the
floor for general discussion. Suggested topics are: Effects of delay
spread on various systems, and ballpark numbers that people would like
to see wind up in the MBWA channel model set.

Glenn Golden
Flarion Technologies, Inc.