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RE: stds-80220-ch-models: Delay-spread limitation


In support of 10us max. delay (Khurram proposal), following the
 discussion in the Channel Models teleconference, here is the
proposed modification of Vehicular Channel Model B, from ITU-R
Rec. M-1225, page 28:

- keep tap 1:                               0ns, -2.5dB

- keep tap 2:                           300ns, 0dB

- keep tap 3:                        8 900ns, -12.8dB

- delete tap 4:                    12 900ns, -10dB

- delete tap 5:                    17 100ns, -25.2dB

- delete tap 6:                    20 000ns, -16dB

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      Director - Strategic Technologies
    Alvarion, Ltd.
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