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stds-80220-ch-models: The focus list of 802.20 channel modeling CG

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Dear All,
The following items have been proposed as key items for 802.20 channel modeling CG to focus on,
1.    Add  "indoor pico-cell "  to the MBWA channel environments;
2.    Determine the reference values of spatial channel model parameters;
3.    Determine and validate the statistical distributions of PAS and angular parameters in both CASE-IV & CASE-V;
4.    Provide the detailed algorithm for generating channel model parameters in various MBWA channel environments;
5.    Investigate and determine the correlation values between channel model parameters;
6.    Model inter-cell/inter-sector interference;
7.    System Level Calibration and Implementation; 
8.    Investigate the MIMO nature of Outdoor-to-Indoor model;  
9.    Provide the algorithm for generating channel model parameters in the case of  antenna polarization (optional);
Any comments and inputs are welcome.
If consensus can be reached within this CG, the agreed list will become the principle channel modeling agenda for the January interim meeting. Contributions and proposals will be solicited.
Best regards,
Qiang  Guo
Editor, IEEE 802.20 Channel Modeling CG