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stds-80220-eval-criteria: Summary of 12/2 ECCG conference call on Traffic Models

Attendees: Todd Chauvin, Arnab Das, Ayman Naguib, Shankar N K, Jim Tomcik, Anna Tee, Jerry Upton

Following topics are identified as requiring further discussion and contributions.

1- Specification of traffic mix
Contributions invited on possible traffic mix scenarios (percentage of different traffic types) and potential phases of simulations etc.

2- Higher layer protocol models
Input on higher layer protocols for applications other than web browsing. For web browsing application, the consensus is to use HTTP/1.1 protocol.

3- FTP traffic model
Contributions on whether we need to modify the existing FTP traffic model. There was some discussion over the call whether the current model is a realistic representation of an FTP user behavior in practice. In particular, it was questioned if "think time" applies to the FTP model the same way as the web browsing model.

4- Full buffers (Infinite backlog) model
Input on whether we need to include a simulation case with Full buffers traffic only. 
5- Mobile station buffer size considerations
There was some discussion on whether we need to consider the mobile station buffer size limitations in the evaluation phase. Two options were pointed out; adding a maximum buffer size constraint or allowing infinite buffer size with average and distribution of buffer occupancy collected as output metrics. It was also mentioned that requirements on delay and jitter may already capture the buffer limitation aspect and it is not necessary to include any buffer size constraint separately.

6- VoIP Traffic model
Currently, there is no model for the VoIP traffic. Contributions are invited on potential VoIP models suitable for 802.20 air-interface evaluation.

7- Wireless multi-party Gaming traffic model
It was noted over the call that wireless gaming is an important application that needs to be considered in 802.20 system evaluation. Input required on mobile wireless gaming models.

8- User scenarios
It was discussed if we need to consider all the user scenarios (Laptop, PDA, Smart phone, machine-to-machine) or only a subset of the user scenarios can be considered. In order to capture different user scenarios, parameters values of some traffic models (e.g. web browsing) would be adapted to the user scenario (e.g. heavy, medium or light web browsing application).