10 Gb/s PHY for EPON Study Group

IEEE 802 Plenary Meeting
San Diego, CA
17-20 July, 2006

Presentation Materials

# Presenter Company Presentation Title File
      All filles in zip format (4.5 MB) all_files_0706.zip
Agenda, Minutes, and General Information
  Glen Kramer Teknovus IEEE 802.3 Plenary Opening Session - 10G EPON Study Group Report 10gepon_opening_0706.pdf
  Glen Kramer Teknovus IEEE 802.3 Plenary Closing Session - 10G EPON Study Group Report and WG Motions 10gepon_closing_0706.pdf
      Meeting Agenda 10gepon_agenda_0706.pdf
      Meeting Minutes 10gepon_minutes_0706.pdf
      Project Authorization Request (no changes since May) 10gepon_PAR_vote_0506.pdf
      5 Criteria (no changes since May) 10gepon_5criteria_0506.pdf
      Objectives 10gepon_objectives_0706.pdf
      Sudy Group Motions 10gepon_motions_0706.pdf
Discussion Materials (in order of submission)
1 Bin Yeong Yoon ETRI Advent of 10G Asymmetric EPON yoon_1_0706.pdf
2 Frank Chang Vitesse 10G EPON Optical Budget Considerations chang_1_0706.pdf
3 Frank Effenberger Huawei 10Gb/s PMD Considerations effenberger_1_0706.pdf
4 Roger Merel Luxtera 10G EPON Backward Compatibility merel_1_0706.pdf
5 Roger Merel Luxtera 10G EPON PMD Considerations merel_2_0706.pdf
6 Keiji Tanaka KDDI R&D System Configuration tanaka_1_0706.pdf
7 Ryan Hirth Teknovus 1Gbps to 10 Gbps Migration hirth_1_0706.pdf
8 Toshiaki Mukojima Oki Considerations for 10Gb/s EPON PHY mukojima_1_0706.pdf
9 Toshiaki Mukojima Oki Backward Compatibility and Co-existence for 10Gb/s EPON mukojima_2_0706.pdf
10 Akihiro Otaka NTT Background of the 29dB Requirement otaka_1_0706.pdf
11 Motoyuki Takizawa Fujitsu Optical Budget for 10G-EPON takizawa_1_0706.pdf
12 Akira Takahashi Mitsubishi Experimental Consideration on EPON Transmission takahashi_1_0706.pdf
13 Mitsunobu Kimura Hitachi Feasibility at 29dB Loss Budget kimura_1_0706.pdf
14 Hiroshi Murata Sumitomo A PMD Class Supporting 29 dB Link Budget murata_1_0706.pdf
15 Hirotaka Wada NEC 29dB Budget Technical Feasibility for “10Gb/s EPON” wada_1_0706.pdf
16 Haim Ben-Amram PMC Sierra Serial 10G Downstream using FEC ben-amram_1_0706.pdf
17 Jeff Mandin PMC Sierra FEC Framing mandin_1_0706.pdf
18 Pat Thaler Broadcom 64B/66B Encoding thaler_1_0706.pdf
19 Dong-Soo Lee ETRI Technical Feasibility of 10Gb/s EPON lee_1_0706.pdf
20 Akihiro Otaka NTT Motion for co-existence objective otaka_2_0706.pdf

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