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[STDS-802-3-25G] FW: [STDS-802-3] IEEE P802.3by 25 Gb/s Ethernet 2nd Sponsor recirculation ballot results

Forwarding on to the 3by reflectorŠ

Congratulations to the 802.3by Task Force, we are done our work!  With the
closure of the 2nd recirculation sponsor ballot on Friday with no new
comments and with no negative votes, the task force work is complete.  The
final approval process will now commence.

I¹ve said it before and I¹ll say it again, there has been significant work
put in here by many but particularly the editorial team.  A huge thank you
to Matt Brown, as Chief Editor, and his editorial team of Adee Ran, Arthur
Marris, Chris Diminico, and Jonathan King.

We are canceling the additional interim, scheduled for Wed Apr 20th.  It
was always known we might cancel this if there was no work to accomplish
and that is how it has worked out.

I¹ll update the group more as we get closer to final approval and

Chair, IEEE P802.3by 25 Gb/s Ethernet Task Force

On 4/18/16, 11:15 AM, "Law, David" <dlaw@xxxxxxx> wrote:

>Dear Colleagues,
>The 2nd Sponsor recirculation ballot on the amendment IEEE P802.3by 25
>Gb/s Ethernet closed successfully on 15th April 2016. The ballot
>statistics are:
> 142 Voters
> 117 Approve
>   0 Disapprove with comment
>   1 Disapprove without comment
>   5 Abstain
> 123 Ballots returned
>  86.62% Response Rate (>= 75% required)
>   4.07% Abstain Rate (< 30% required)
> 100.00% Approval Rate (>= 75% required)
>IEEE P802.3by received conditional approval to proceed to RevCom
>submittal at the March 2016 IEEE 802 Plenary meeting and since there is
>100% approval and no comments submitted this project has met the
>conditions defined in Clause 12 'Procedure for conditional approval to
>forward a draft standard' of the IEEE 802 LMSC Operations Manual. Based
>on this I will report these results to the IEEE 802 EC and then go ahead
>and submit IEEE P802.3by to RevCom for consideration at their 29th June
>2016 meeting and as a result of this the IEEE P802.3by interim meeting
>that had been scheduled for 20th April 2016 has been cancelled.
>Thank you to all that participated in this ballot.
>David Law
>Chair, IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Working Group
>Mark Nowell
>Chair, IEEE P802.3by 25 Gb/s Ethernet Task Force