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[STDS-802-3-25G] P802.3by @ May Interim

A quick message to confirm that the P802.3by TF will not be meeting during
the May 802.3 Interim meeting week.


On 4/18/16, 3:41 PM, "Mark Nowell (mnowell)" <mnowell@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Forwarding on to the 3by reflectorŠ
>Congratulations to the 802.3by Task Force, we are done our work!  With the
>closure of the 2nd recirculation sponsor ballot on Friday with no new
>comments and with no negative votes, the task force work is complete.  The
>final approval process will now commence.
>I¹ve said it before and I¹ll say it again, there has been significant work
>put in here by many but particularly the editorial team.  A huge thank you
>to Matt Brown, as Chief Editor, and his editorial team of Adee Ran, Arthur
>Marris, Chris Diminico, and Jonathan King.
>We are canceling the additional interim, scheduled for Wed Apr 20th.  It
>was always known we might cancel this if there was no work to accomplish
>and that is how it has worked out.
>I¹ll update the group more as we get closer to final approval and
>Chair, IEEE P802.3by 25 Gb/s Ethernet Task Force
>On 4/18/16, 11:15 AM, "Law, David" <dlaw@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>>Dear Colleagues,
>>The 2nd Sponsor recirculation ballot on the amendment IEEE P802.3by 25
>>Gb/s Ethernet closed successfully on 15th April 2016. The ballot
>>statistics are:
>> 142 Voters
>> 117 Approve
>>   0 Disapprove with comment
>>   1 Disapprove without comment
>>   5 Abstain
>> 123 Ballots returned
>>  86.62% Response Rate (>= 75% required)
>>   4.07% Abstain Rate (< 30% required)
>> 100.00% Approval Rate (>= 75% required)
>>IEEE P802.3by received conditional approval to proceed to RevCom
>>submittal at the March 2016 IEEE 802 Plenary meeting and since there is
>>100% approval and no comments submitted this project has met the
>>conditions defined in Clause 12 'Procedure for conditional approval to
>>forward a draft standard' of the IEEE 802 LMSC Operations Manual. Based
>>on this I will report these results to the IEEE 802 EC and then go ahead
>>and submit IEEE P802.3by to RevCom for consideration at their 29th June
>>2016 meeting and as a result of this the IEEE P802.3by interim meeting
>>that had been scheduled for 20th April 2016 has been cancelled.
>>Thank you to all that participated in this ballot.
>>David Law
>>Chair, IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Working Group
>>Mark Nowell
>>Chair, IEEE P802.3by 25 Gb/s Ethernet Task Force