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[802.3_B400G] Study Group Extension


As I had previously discussed (see

  • Per IEEE 802 P&P – a study group is chartered plenary session to plenary session
  • Per IEEE SA Standards Board Operations Manual – a study group lasts 6 months from its initial meeting and may have one single 6 month extension.


I had noted that based on our first meeting of Jan 14, 2021, the SG needed to be extended by July 14, 2021.  Unfortunately, I failed to request a motion by the Study Group for this extension, and therefore it was also not requested at the May 2021 802.3 WG Meeting.


I have spoken with David Law, 802.3 WG Chair, and he reminded me that the Study Group is the “errand child” of the Working Group, and therefore I can make the motion to 802.3 to request the extension of the SG at the 802.3 Opening Plenary on Mon July 12.  Once passed, this would allow us to pursue approval at the 802 level, which I am working on.


Please note that in addition to the study group extension, we will still need to pass a motion at the July 2021 Plenary to request that the Study Group be rechartered, which will also need to be approved by the 802.3 WG and 802 EC. 


I just wanted everyone to be aware of this when you see the motion go up at the 802.3 Opening Meeting.  I am asking all 802.3 voting members of the study group to be sure to attend to vote yes.




John D’Ambrosia

Chair, IEEE 802.3 Beyond 400 Gb/s Ethernet Study Group

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