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[802.3_ITSA] IEEE P802.3cx Task Force status

Dear IEEE P802.3cx Task Force,

At the March 2022 IEEE 802 Plenary session IEEE P802.3cx received conditional approval to proceed to Standards Association ballot. One of the conditions to be met before proceeding to Standards Association ballot is item (c), 'No technical changes, as determined by the Working Group Chair, were made as a result of the recirculation ballot.' <>.

Upon my review of the changes that will result from the comment responses <>, and the changes in the compare draft <>, I was unable to make that determination. For example, I see several register number changes on page 4, I see the addition of 'in ns' and 'with ns resolution' to two entries to Table 45-139 on pages 6, 7 and 8, and similar text is added to subclause headings on page 9, and the deletion of the text 'Writes to this bit are ignored if they attempt to set the bit to a value for which the corresponding capability bits in register (3.1800) indicate is not supported' and addition of the text 'This bit has an effect only if both data delay measurement point ability bits are set to 1 in the TimeSync PCS capability register (see' to subclause on page 10'.

While Motion #3 of the IEEE P802.3cx Task Force meeting held on 16 May 2022 authorised the editor to produce D3.0 on the basis of D2.4 closed comments and proceed to IEEE SA ballot, based on the above, this will not be possible. The IEEE P802.3cx Task Force Chair will send an email to propose an alternative path forward.

One additional item I wanted to inform you was that I have asked that the IEEE P802.3cx amendment number be updated to amendment 6. This is because I believe that IEEE P802.3de will be ready for unconditional submittal to the September RevCom agenda at the July plenary, however, IEEE P802.3cx will only be requesting unconditional approval to proceed to Standards Association ballot.

Best regards,
  David Law
  IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Working Group Chair

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