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Re: [802.3_OMEGA] [EXTERNAL]--[802.3_OMEGA] P802.3cz/D1.1 comments posted

802.3cz participants,


At our meeting on April 6, I presented the following contribution regarding PMD selection.


I noted that based on Straw Polls conducted at the IEEE 802.3cz meeting on March 17 that no consensus existed to select a PMD for baseline text. We are now 3 months down the road in the development of our standard, and in my opinion, while we have made some progress, our inability to make progress on consensus on several topics threatens our timeline and the confidence our customers will have on the ability of IEEE 802.3cz to produce a timely multi-gig optical automotive standard.


I also noted that current options that have had some discussion in our TF could lead to ~50 individual PMDs and in my opinion (again), that is NOT a standard.


We need to make some tough decisions (that is a requirement for developing a standard and our primary job as experts).


At our last meeting on June 8, I submitted a contribution with a list of Straw Polls and asked for your input on that contribution.

  • Some are straight votes, some are proposed as “Chicago Rules”
  • Is there support in how the polls are proposed?
  • Is there support for the list of straw polls?
  • Are there changes you would like to see to the straw polls?
  • Are there additional straw polls that folks would like to see?


It is important that we get some get some good data on the preferences of the group; I purposely did not include an “abstain” or “need more information” as options because I really want people to make a choice based on your expert opinion.


Picking one solution for the standard is not the end of the consideration for the other solutions. There are other avenues, e.g., MSAs or other options to recognize technologies.


IEEE is good at doing this; most times we get the selection right, some times we might be wrong. When we get it wrong, we have included other technologies at a later time based on new information or market demand.


An example is our early work on data center standards:


Initially, we only standardized SR and LR. We now have SR, LR, FR and DR. FR and DR were not included initially based on several factors that then were addressed and included at a later point.


My personal view:


  • We need to select a solution that supports our objectives and the CSDs
  • We cannot pick them all
  • We cannot afford to wait


Best regards,




Steven E. Swanson

Senior Standards Manager

Distinguished Associate


Global Technology & Industry Standards


Corning Optical Communications

4200 Corning Place

Charlotte, NC 28216


m 607-725-1129




Standards are a bridge between markets and technologies; whoever controls the bridge controls the future…


From: ROBERT GROW <bobgrow@xxxxxxx>
Sent: Tuesday, June 8, 2021 6:09 PM
To: STDS-802-3-OMEGA@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [EXTERNAL]--[802.3_OMEGA] P802.3cz/D1.1 comments posted




The comments received on P802.3cz/D1.1 with proposed responses have been posted to our Task Force web pages (  


Our Chief Editor, Mr. Torres, presented a report on the comments during our 8 June teleconference (Chief Editor's Report).  This report also includes the plan for considering these comments, and explanations for the dispositions of some “buckets" of comments as groups.  Mr. Torres has also indicated he would be pleased to receive suggestions for improvements to the proposed comment responses (and encourages review of the "Grammar and syntax" bucket of comments for any improvement in proposed responses).


We will begin comment resolution during our 15 June teleconference where we will also set aside some time for presentations (we have three presentations we were not able to get to during our 8 June teleconference).


Robert M. (Bob) Grow
Chair, P802.3cz Multi-Gigabit Optical Automotive Ethernet (OMEGA) Task Force


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