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[802.3_OMEGA] Request for support on two contributions for the August 3 IEEE 802.3cz adhoc

IEEE 802.3cz Colleagues,
For Tuesday’s IEEE 802.3cz adhoc meeting, I plan to present two contributions:
swanson_3cz_01_0803_A path forward on media
I am requesting that those wishing to be added as a supporter for these two contributions to please contact me by EOB Friday, July 30.
If there are proposed changes that can be made to gain your support, please let me know.
A couple points for consideration:
I may also add 50G details to the contribution if time permits pending additional analysis and the development of a power budget if time permits; if not, we can add that in WG Ballot.
I would appreciate your support.
Best regards,
Steven E. Swanson
Senior Standards Manager
Distinguished Associate
Global Technology & Industry Standards
Corning Optical Communications
4200 Corning Place
Charlotte, NC 28216
m 607-725-1129
Standards are a bridge between markets and technologies; whoever controls the bridge controls the future…

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Description: swanson_3cz_02_0803_AUTO_MDI_Baseline.pdf

Attachment: swanson_3cz_01_0803_A path forward on media.pdf
Description: swanson_3cz_01_0803_A path forward on media.pdf