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[802.3_SPEP2P] SPE Point to Point Enhancements Study Group website updated

Thank you all for a good meeting today.  The minutes, Dayin Xu’s updated presentation, and the updated draft PAR presentations have all been uploaded to the website.


If we are going to submit something in July, we probably need to converge on the par scope.


Please remember to look over the PAR scope and pick which form is your favorite.  I plan to conduct straw polls next meeting if we don’t have unimity.


Also, we had some good discussion, please continue it on the reflector.


Remember to look over the objectives presentation which we didn’t get to today ( )

It would be nice to close on these at the next or subsequent meeting.


For the near-term need, it seems we have one big-ticket item – whether or not to go after including (point to point) half duplex 10BASE-T1S.  Peter Jones outlined what he thinks it will take.  Much of the disucssioin seemed to center around the need.  It might be useful to hear from people who may or may not implement macmerge with 10BASE-T1S, and others (we’ve already heard from Peter) who may wish to use macmerge with 10BASE-T1S half-duplex.  That way we can determine broad market potential.


For the longer-term need, we had some good discussion of use cases. 

We had some good discussion of reach, which suggests any information on existing cable lengths in these applications might be useful.


Based on what I heard, it might be useful when people discuss uses to mention not only Reach and Rate, but potential objectives, such as latency (not just the PHY, but the whole system – this could drive reach), interference environments (e.g., industrial environments), whether supporting clause 104 power is important, and whether supporting existing cabling is important (and what kind).


Our next meeting is on May 12 – but don’t wait until then to move the discussion forward.


George Zimmerman, Ph.D.

President & Principal

CME Consulting, Inc.

Experts in Advanced PHYsical Communications




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