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[802.3_SPEP2P] Website update, work going forward, and next meeting

Thank you for today’s productive meeting. 

The website is updated with the meeting output and draft minutes.  Attendance in the minutes currently reflects only Webex, but will be reconciled with IMAT and updated before confirmation.


We now have a draft PAR and CSDs for the near-term project, and a motion to presubmit to the 802 EC for comment by the other working groups.  I will work with David Law (or his delegate) to get that done.

The draft PAR and CSD responses, as well as the current work on our objectives for the near term project are posted on the website.

On the near-term project, we could still use work on objectives, getting us to a more complete set.  Additional work on numbers of ports for near-term market size would be a useful update for the CSDs.


Our work will likely now focus more on the longer-term project.  If you are interested in working on draft PAR, CSD, or objectives, please feel free to use the reflector, or to contact me directly.  I will endeavor to bring some draft text to our next meeting.

Most important though, is to build consensus on what rates and reaches we will address.  Particularly, as I’ve heard, if multiple rates, (or possibly multiple reaches) are to be addressed, why those are needed now and how they might fit together.


I believe that we will likely be putting together a mini-CFI for continued focused work on the longer term project after July, but at this point, getting as much consensus as possible is necessary.  Contributions should emphasize possible objectives and how they relate to elements of the CSDs.  I believe we can work PAR scope most easily once we get our hands around the objectives and CSD responses.


Our next meeting date is still TBA, but I should have that concluded in a few days. Plan to meet on Wednesday June 9 at the usual time, but we may also meet on June 2 – still waiting to see whether .3da will need that slot.




George Zimmerman, Ph.D.

President & Principal

CME Consulting, Inc.

Experts in Advanced PHYsical Communications




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