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[802.3_SPEP2P] website update for wednesday's meeting

All – Note that our SPE pt to pt enhancements study group is meeting on Wednesday.  We will be focused on the greater than 10 Mb/s long-reach single pair ethernet.  At the moment, the ‘near term’ project is waiting for Stds board approval, so our focus will be on the ‘long term’.


We have presentations deferred from prior meetings to hear, as well as one new presentation (which should be posted tomorrow). 


In addition to the deferred items, the agenda is posted, as well as some working drafts to consider for a PAR, CSD, and objectives – note all of these are unapproved and are just to help you consider what work we need to do, what decisions to make, and whether to add anything else.



George Zimmerman, Ph.D.

President & Principal

CME Consulting, Inc.

Experts in Advanced PHYsical Communications




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