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[802.3_SPEP2P] website update - follow up and preparation for the Sept Interim.

All – thank you for a productive and interesting meeting today.  Minutes and the (slightly) updated agenda deck are posted.

Please look over the minutes while your memories are fresh.


Thanks especially to Steffen Graber for covering a variety of technical subjects related to our link segment. Hopefully the momentum will continue with further discussion.  I urge others to bring in measurements and models of link segments they consider interesting for 100BASE-T1L.  I suspect we will end up covering a variety of cabling configurations, so don’t assume one size fits all (for example, I suspect the motor-control segment will be a very different construction, so not simply a length scaling.)


It would be helpful if our next meeting (Tuesday Sept 12) focused on our link segment specifications and other constraints on the PHY design so that we may rapidly segue to a rationale discussion of PHY parameters.


In Steffen’s presentaiton, among other things, I heard the following issues which we might see contributions on:

  • Need measurements of field cabling
    • One thing in particular to understand is what is usual practice for grounds – are these good RF grounds typically?
  • Need models and measurements for AFEXT – and proposals for whether to specify AFEXT or AACR-F
  • Need models and measurements to understand what controls the connector “resonance” frequency
  • Need similar measurements for 100m link segment – likely a different construction of cabling


Beyond the cabling, I also heard discussion of experimental results with potential PHY designs.

We also have yet to discuss considerations for powering, which may frame the PHY discussion.


I’m sure there are more discussions that could further our work.  Please let me know by Thursday next week if you wish to present, and what you may be presenting on.  Presentations are due Monday morning (Pacific) in my inbox – we don’t have much leeway for lateness since the meeting will be Tuesday.


Also Please also review the draft timeline at as I would like for the group to establish a timeline at the September interim.


Additionally, if you are interested in being vice chair or chief editor, please contact me privately prior to the September meeting.

George Zimmerman, Ph.D.

President & Principal

CME Consulting, Inc.

Experts in Advanced PHYsical Communications




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