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[802.3_SPEP2P] Link Segment Presentations for 100BASE-T1L

Hello all,


George has already well summarized most of the questions related to last AdHoc’s presentation, so I just wanted to add one more important topic.


So far the discussions and several presentations were concentrated on short reach (100 m) motor control and long reach (500 m) process automation requirements and link segment suggestions, with specific requirements.


What in our discussions from my point of view is currently missing is an input from those interested in building automation (and other similar applications). Within the 802.3cg project for building applications I heard about a maximum reach expectation of 300 m in combination with a MICE E1 or E2 environment, but using relatively thin wire diameters of AWG24 or best case AWG23. Also the use of unshielded cables was discussed for 10BASE-T1L at some point.


The use of a relatively thin wire (compared to the AWG18 and AWG16 cables suggested for process automation applications) will increase the insertion loss (in dB about 2 times higher for the same length) and a requirement for unshielded cables potentially provides a higher noise ingress, both limiting the reachable length for a similar noise environment (the 300 m could still to be possible, if the EMC/noise requirements compared to the 500 m link segment could be lowered, e.g. MICE E1 or E2 instead of E3).


As in my understanding building automation is one of the expected key users for 100BASE-T1L also from the number of potential nodes, it is important to get more information about the requirements (cabling, connectors, system structure) and noise/EMC environment in these applications, as otherwise there is a risk that the 100BASE-T1L standard focuses too narrow on specific factory and process automation applications.


Hopefully we will see additional presentations from those interested in this kind of applications soon.


Many thanks.







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