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[802.3_SPEP2P] 802.3dg - Presentations for 16 November

All –

I wanted to give you an update of what presentation requests I have received for next week, if you are expecting to make a presentation (or will not be able to make one), please let me know in the next 24 hours, as I begin my travel to Bangkok then.

Any of you who have not yet sent a presentation, please send a draft for posting, even if incomplete.  It will help people to review in advance and plan to attend and have good interaction.


Based on our planning on 24 October, and emails received, I have the following.  Note that I haven’t decided on the order yet, but would like to get that figured out by midday Monday, Bangkok time.



Presentation received?

SPE TIA Specification References

Chris Diminico


Hazardous Area Requirements including 2-WISE

Steffen Graber


Possible Installation Changes for 100BASE-T1L

Steffen Graber


Contribution to IEC/IEEE 60802 concerning profiling of IEEE 802.3 (time-specific – after the morning break Wednesday)

Ludwig Winkel


Link Segment Proposal

Wayne Larsen


(Update on Motor Control)

Dayin Xu


(Further consideration of the noise environment and performance)

Piergiorgio Beruto


(Noise measurements for the motor control application)
(requested time-specific – late morning/early afternoon Wednesday)

Michal Brychta



Looking forward to a productive meeting, hopefully we can start to pin down some areas of consensus.


George Zimmerman, Ph.D.

President & Principal

CME Consulting, Inc.

Experts in Advanced PHYsical Communications




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