IEEE P802.3av 10GEPON Task Force
Procedure for Presenters

[Modified on 12 June, 2007 according to Motion #8 from May 2007 interim meeting.]

Deadline for Submitting Presentations and Requesting Agenda Time

  • The presenter shall request time by Monday (AoE) of the week preceding the meeting.
  • Requests shall be submitted using web form on the left.

  • Incomplete requests will not be allocated agenda time at the meeting.
  • Presentations submitted after the deadline will not be allocated agenda time at the meeting.
  • After the deadline, only non-essential changes are permitted to the presentation, such as fixing typos, or updating list of supporters. Making essential changes (as determined by the chair) will result in presentation losing its allocated agenda time.

Presentation Style Guidelines

Failure to meet these guidelines may result in a loss of requested presentation time.

  • Presentations must be submitted in PDF format.  Neither the chair nor the Web Master will convert presentations to PDF format.  Presentations not in PDF format will be rejected.
  • The presentation file should be named using the following template: 3av_yymm_lastname_n.pdf, where
    • yymm is year and month of the meeting,
    • lastname is the last (family) name of the main author or the presenter, and
    • n is an index used to differentiate multiple presentations made by the same author at the same meeting (n = 1,2,3).
  • Avoid graphic intensive backgrounds or other decorative graphics.
  • No animations, audio clips, video clips, etc.
  • Presentation should be less then 1.4 MB.
  • No marketing pitches, product pitches or corporate pitches.
  • No pricing, costs, ASPs, etc. are permitted.  Relative costs, relative ASPs, etc. are permitted (i.e. option 1 is 3x the cost of option 2).
  • No company copyright or confidentiality statements.  All presentations are posted to a publicly accessible web site.  If the presentation is not ready for public disclosure, then it should not be presented.

Submit Presentation Time Request

E-mail Address:
Title of the Presentation:
Brief Description:
Time Requested (incl. Q&A):
Please select a file:

  • All fields are required.
  • If you don't receive confirmation e-mail within 48 hours after your submission, please contact Task Force chair.


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