IEEE P802.3av 10GEPON Task Force

Interim Meeting
Monterey, CA
15-16 January, 2007

Presentation Materials

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Agenda, Minutes, and General Information
  Glen Kramer   Meeting Agenda 3av_0701_agenda.pdf
      November Meeting Minutes (Approved) 3av_0611_minutes_approved.pdf
      January Meeting Minutes (Unapproved) 3av_0701_minutes_unapproved.pdf
      January Meeting Straw Polls 3av_0701_polls.pdf
Discussion Materials (in order of submission)
1 Tsutomu Tatsuta NTT Coexistence between 10GEPON and 1GEPON 3av_0701_tatsuta_1.pdf
2 Frank Effenberger Huawei FEC Synchronization and Framing 3av_0701_effenberger_1.pdf
3 Glen Kramer Teknovus 10G EPON - 1G EPON Coexistence 3av_0701_kramer_1.pdf
4 Thomas Schrans Optical Communication Products 1.5μm DML at 10Gb/s For Links of 20 km and Beyond in SMF-28 3av_0701_schrans_1.pdf
5 Jeff Mandin PMC Sierra FEC Synchronization and Framing 3av_0701_mandin_1.pdf
6 Haim Ben-Amram PMC Sierra PHY Parameter Summary and Next Steps 3av_0701_ben-amram_1.pdf
7 Marek Hajduczenia Siemens 10 Gb/s EPON Coexistence Options 3av_0701_hajduczenia_1.pdf
8 Milind Gokhale Apogee Photonics Performance of Optically Amplified 10G Sources 3av_0701_gokhale_1.pdf
9 Marek Hajduczenia Siemens Channel link model for 10G EPON -- Ad-hoc activity report 3av_0701_hajduczenia_2.pdf
10 Tsutomu Tatsuta NTT Video signal impact in 10G EPON 3av_0701_tatsuta_2.pdf
11 Sergey Ten Corning Raman-Induced Power Penalty in PONs using 0-order approximation 3av_0701_ten_2.pdf
12 Kiyoshi Uematsu Oki Considerations for 10G-EPON coexistence 3av_0701_uematsu_1.pdf
13 Sergey Ten Corning SBS degradation of 10 Gb/s digital signal in EPON: Experiment and Model 3av_0701_ten_1.pdf
14 Frank Effenberger Huawei Raman Crosstalk and Coexistence 3av_0701_effenberger_2.pdf
15 Jeff Mandin PMC Sierra FEC Framing Adhoc Status 3av_0701_mandin_2.pdf

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