IEEE P802.3av 10GEPON Task Force

IEEE 802 Plenary Meeting
Orlando, FL
12-16 March, 2007

Presentation Materials

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IEEE 802.3 Work Group Meeting
  Glen Kramer Teknovus IEEE 802.3 Plenary Opening Session - P802.3av Task Force Report 3av_0703_opening.pdf
  Glen Kramer Teknovus IEEE 802.3 Plenary Opening Session - Accommodating FEC overhead: MAC sub-rating vs. PHY super-rating 3av_0703_FEC_overhead.pdf
  Glen Kramer Teknovus IEEE 802.3 Plenary Closing Session - P802.3av Task Force Report and Motions 3av_0703_closing.pdf
Agenda, Minutes, and General Information
  Glen Kramer Teknovus Meeting Agenda 3av_0703_agenda.pdf
  Robert Lingle, Jr. (recording secretary) OFS January Meeting Minutes (Approved) 3av_0701_minutes_approved.pdf
  Eric Linskey (recording secretary) Teknovus March Meeting Minutes (Unapproved) 3av_0703_minutes_unapproved.pdf
  Glen Kramer Teknovus Task Force Meeting Summary and Action Items 3av_0703_summary.pdf
Optical Link Modeling
1 Marek Hajduczenia Siemens Report on the Ad Hoc Activities 3av_0703_hajduczenia_3.pdf
2 Marek Hajduczenia Siemens Single Mode Fibre Loss 3av_0703_anslow_1.pdf
FEC Framing
1 Jeff Mandin PMC Sierra FEC Framing and Synchronization Adhoc - Status Report 3av_0703_mandin_3.pdf
2 Glen Kramer Teknovus Upstream Burst Alignment 3av_0703_kramer_1.pdf
3 Jeff Mandin PMC Sierra Upstream Synchronization Framework 3av_0703_mandin_1.pdf
4 Jeff Mandin PMC Sierra 10GEPON FEC Framing Adhoc Technical Status and Motion 3av_0703_mandin_2.pdf
5 Jeff Mandin PMC Sierra Considerations for Data Detector Placement 3av_0703_mandin_4.pdf
Dual-Rate PMD
1 Frank Effenberger Huawei Dual Rate PMD Ad-hoc Report 3av_0703_effenberger_3.pdf
2 Frank Effenberger Huawei Dual-Rate Burst Upstream 3av_0703_effenberger_4.pdf
3 Marek Hajduczenia Siemens Compensation of TIA bandwidth limitation with FIR filters 3av_0703_hajduczenia_1.pdf
Power Budgets
1 Robert Lingle, Jr. OFS Power Budget Ad Hoc Report 3av_0703_lingle_2.pdf
2 Frank Effenberger Huawei 10/10 and 10/1 Budgets 3av_0703_effenberger_5.pdf
3 Wenbin Jiang JDSU Downstream PMD Tables for 10GEPON 3av_0703_jiang_1.pdf
4 Boris Stefanov Alphion Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers – High Power Operation 3av_0703_stefanov_1.pdf
5 Motoyuki Takizawa Fujitsu Access Ltd. Progress and Issues Concerning the Power Budget Discussions in the Power Budget Ad Hoc 3av_0703_takizawa_1.pdf
6 Robert Lingle, Jr. OFS SBS Mitigation in Digital Transmission for 10G EPON Standards Development 3av_0703_lingle_1.pdf
Rate Increase Analysis
1 Frank Effenberger Huawei Superating Ad-hoc Report 3av_0703_effenberger_1.pdf
2 Frank Effenberger Huawei FEC Super-rating: To speed, or not to speed… (will I get caught?) 3av_0703_effenberger_2.pdf
Other Topics
1 Duane Remein Alcatel-Lucent Comments from the Editors 3av_0703_remein_1.pdf
2 Keiji Tanaka KDDI R&D Labs Coexistence with Current Systems-10GE-PON System Configuration 3av_0703_tanaka_1.pdf
3 Frank Chang Vitesse Re-consider 1310nm CWDM PMD as one cost-effective and scalable upstream option 3av_0703_chang_1.pdf
4 Dongsoo Lee ETRI Interleaved FEC for 10G EPON 3av_0703_lee_1.pdf
5 Marek Hajduczenia Siemens Downstream 10G wavelength plan and its impact on the ONU triplexer design 3av_0703_hajduczenia_2.pdf

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