IEEE P802.3bq 40GBASE-T Task Force

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July, 16 2013
Geneva, Switzerland

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David Chalupsky

Approved Minutes

George Zimmerman CME Consulting
Liaisons and Communications
            ISO IEC incoming Liaison, March 2013

         Draft response 1.0 to ISO IEC Liaison

         TF-approved response 1.0 to ISO IEC Liaison

         TF-approved liaison to TIA TR-42

Title Post Date Presenter  Affiliation
Architectural Issues for 40GBASE-T 12-Jul-13 Hugh Barrass Cisco
Special Study Global Data Centres End-user Results Copper Cabling Extracts 12-Jul-13 Alan Flatman
Lone Hansen
LAN Technologies
Channel Modeling Ad Hoc Report 12-Jul-13 Pete Cibula
Brad Booth
40GBASE-T PHY- Channel insertion loss 12-Jul-13 Chris DiMinico MC Communications, Panduit
Impact of Channel Configuration to RL 17-Jul-13 Martin Rossbach
Jonthan Nevett
Improved Transmission Characteristics of Channels utilizing IEC Standard Connectors Test Data and Information 17-Jul-13 Yakov Belopolsky
Rich Marowsky
Bel Stewart
Bel Stewart
Some Data on Production Channels and Components and Prototype Components 17-Jul-13 Wayne Larsen Commscope
Cabling Return Loss 17-Jul-13 Wayne Larsen Commscope
A Quick Look at Connectors 17-Jul-13 Wayne Larsen Commscope
Cabling Developments in Support of 40GBASE-T 17-Jul-13 Wayne Larsen Commscope
Expected Performance of ISO/IEC Class II Cabling 12-Jul-13 Val Maguire Siemon Company
Class I vs. Class II Cabling 12-Jul-13 Alan Flatman LAN Technologies
Link Definitions and Testing
(Withdrawn, not presented)
12-Jul-13 Theo Brillhart Fluke Networks
Field Tester Capability for Balance Measurement 
(Withdrawn, not presented)
12-Jul-13 Theo Brillhart Fluke Networks


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