IEEE P802.3bq 40GBASE-T Task Force

Interim Meeting Material
November 12-13 2013
Dallas, Texas, USA

Meeting Materials - 13-Nov-13

General Information

Agenda and General Information

David Chalupsky

Approved Minutes

George Zimmerman CME Consulting
Liaisons and Communications
Title Post Date Presenter  Affiliation
Channel Modeling Ad Hoc Report 11-Nov-2013 Pete Cibula Intel
40GBASE-T ICM 11-Nov-2013 Brian Buckmeier, Victor Renteria Bel
Comparative Channel Measurements with and without MDIs 11-Nov-2013 Harry Forbes,      Martin Rossbach, Jonathan Nevett Nexans
40GBASE-T Channel Models  12-Nov-2013 Chris Di Minico MC Communications, Panduit
Practical Equipment Cord and Link Lengths in Data Centre Applications 11-Nov-2013 Harry Forbes  Nexans
An Update on ISO/IEC 11801-99-1 40GBASE-T Cabling Guidelines 11-Nov-2013 Alan Flatman LAN Technologies
TIA-162-A Telecommunications Cabling Guidelines for Wireless Access Points 11-Nov-2013 Wayne Larsen Commscope
Limit Line Scaling 12-Nov-2013 Wayne Larsen Commscope
Impact of length-scaling on worst-case NEXT for 30m channels  12-Nov-2013 George Zimmerman CME Consultng, Commscope, Aquantia
Link Segment Limit Line Scaling 11-Nov-2013 Chris Di Minico,     Paul Kish MC Comm., Panduit;
Time Domain Analysis of Cable Measurement Scaling 11-Nov-2013 Mike Grimwood Broadcom
PHY Channel Model Updates 11-Nov-2013 Mike Grimwood Broadcom


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