IEEE P802.3bu 1-Pair Power over Data Lines (PoDL) Task Force

Meeting Materials

Title Size/File Date Author(s) Affiliation
All Files (zipped) 2300KB/21-January-2016
Unapproved January 2016 Minutes 1.3MB/21-January-2016
January 2016 Motions & Straw Polls 72KB/21-January-2016
Agenda and General Information 8KB/18-January-2016 Dan Dove DNS / Linear Technology
PICS Recommendations (pt 1) 230KB/13-January-2016 Craig Chabot UNH-IOL
PICS Recommendations (pt 2) 235KB/13-January-2016 Craig Chabot UNH-IOL
In Support of Link Comments 184KB/13-January-2016 Dieter Schicketanz Reutlinger University
Experimental Results of PoDL Coupling Network 630KB/18-January-2016 Andy Gardner LTC
Detection Timing 485KB/15-January-2016 Andy Gardner LTC
Tolerance of ILIM 375KB/15-January-2016 Andy Gardner LTC

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